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Nothing is more expensive than launching a new product and having it fall flat. Don't guess at what will work with kids and parents. Ask the experts at asking your target market.

Most adults have forgotten what it was like to be a kid. Our "kidsultants" work with children every day, giving us unique insight into what works. Kids instinctively know what's designed and written for them, and when they are asked correctly, you'll be surprised at the answers you get.

KidsCom Club® Youth Panel
Our KidsCom Club® Youth Panel is a fast and cost-effective way to tap into kids' influence and purchasing power. The panel is comprised of boys and girls ages 8-14 from across the US. The Youth Panel is unique - kids join the club for games, chat and creative content, not just to take surveys. What that means for you is that the KidsCom Club Youth Panel offers fresh insight, gives more representative results and leads to better informed decisions to drive your marketing successes.

You can access the KidsCom Club Youth Panel through custom surveys or convenient monthly omnibus surveys.

Our research insights have saved many marketers money and increased their sales through kid and parent research and analysis: Our research experts can get you fast answers directly from kids or parents. We've done research-online and offline-for respected companies like the NFL, Avery Dennison, Reader's Digest Young Families, Jupiter Communications, Quaker Oats, Adams and QSP Inc. From the testing of products to the development of games and online content, solid research will assure you of success the first time out.
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